Web Apps

Businesses often struggle with data that is scattered in spreadsheets and other formats that are difficult to maintain and share in real time. A web app offers the perfect solution by consolidating this data to the cloud where it is more easily managed.

Searchlight specializes in custom web app design and development that will help you:

  • collect, consolidate, track, and manage your unique business data
  • fix data processing bottlenecks
  • streamline inefficient data flows
  • alert you to significant changes in real time
  • analyze your vital business data
  • gain a competitive advantage with a scalable, web-based design

Web apps also offer the added benefits of unlimited users, zero software maintenance, and the ability to run on any internet-enabled computer , anywhere in the world, through a standard web browser.

Client Profile

Searchlight has developed web-based applications to track utility usage and cost data for schools, hotels, hospitals, libraries, and property management companies. Key modules: tracking dashboard, budget configuration, carbon footprint calculations, and financial reporting.

Searchlight Consulting Utility Tracking System