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Searchlight Consulting Web ProgrammingSearchlight is well versed in a variety of web and data programming languages including PHP, SQL, perl, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and UNIX shell. Whether you need to develop new code or decipher and debug existing code, we can help.

Many organizations use a variety of cloud-based platforms to store and manage their vital business and e-commerce data. This is a scalable and effective approach but can sometimes lead to synchronization problems when these platforms are not fully connected.  Fortunately, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available that provide communication and integration between systems. Searchlight is experienced in numerous APIs including AmazonFacebook, Google Sheets, PayPal, Salesforce, and  YouTube.

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Client Profile

Searchlight developed a web-based dashboard for tracking and managing program registrations and monthly circulation statistics. All software was developed in php/mySQL for proper integration with their Drupal-based website.

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